Owner of Charlestown Home Staging and Head Property Stylist

Ever since I can remember I have had a love for all things creative, in my play as a young child, and in my student years.

I have had an interesting career profile so far, extensive experience in marketing, advertising, sales; I am a graduate of the International Institute of Home Staging, and have a great passion for renovating, immersing myself in Cherie Barber’s Renovating for Profit philosophies.

After a personal and challenging time in my life, an injury caused me to revaluate my purpose, I was working in the health and weight loss industry. After all my home renovating, I decided to seek formal study and found home staging and design to be the spark I was looking for.

I gave myself permission to start a new career path! Being deliberate and creative, I started to recognise the meaning of the gifts I was given. It takes courage and motivation, mixing work with three active children and we run two family businesses. Home Staging and Interior design came into my life at the best time, I am thankful every day to be doing what I love.

How we help our clients

Charlestown Home Staging, styling beautiful spaces to sell your home.

The use of clever styling techniques, taking a client’s property, from one that may have previously been overlooked, to one that a property a buyer will fall in love with. We aim to create an immediate emotional response from potential buyers from the moment they walk through the front door.

We take what has been explained by my clients as a “daunting task”, to taking away stress, we differentiate the product your “home”, we create an environment to produce a timely sale and uphold the true principles of professionalism.

Easy 3 step process

  1. After the quote is accepted, a stylist will arrange an on-site consultation with you or your chosen agent. This viewing is to appreciate the proportions, layout, colours, and textures of your property. We will discuss with you the features of your home that are a standout, and any concerns you may have.

  2. We select from our inventory, partial styling pieces to complement the furniture you already have. On your chosen installation date, we organise access with you to deliver furniture and stage your home.

  3. Once the property has sold, well be in touch with you and your agent to arrange collection. Your property will be left exactly as it was found.


Contact Jenny


My husband and I recently embarked on the daunting task of selling our home of 25years to downsize and simplify our life. One of the key questions for us was how do we make the home we love appealing to any potential buyers who may spend the next 25 years loving our home as much as we have?

The services of Charlestown Home Staging was presented to us by our real estate agent.  Although we were nervous, we knew we would be best served in the hands of professionals.

Jenny came to our home, shared her wisdom, and gave us a guide as to how she could assist us in achieving our sales goal.


Jenny’s unique service worked with the individual, natural aspects of our home. Jenny was professional efficient in her approach. She was always punctual and reliable and realistic about timeframes and what could be achieved.

When we contracted Jenny to undertake the mission of “staging” our home the price we outlaid for her services were extremely worthwhile in relation the alleviation of stress and the time and money saved. And that I would have spent shopping around for items that I was not sure would even work!

Then we got the photos back BAM! I would have paid double!!

When you think the potential buyer are in your home for a noticeably short time. But they can go and revisit the photos every day and picture their own life in your home. Great photos are absolutely paramount. These were made possible for us by Jenny’s amazing talent.

When we sold our home, it was for a price well over what we were hoping to achieve and ALL the feedback we had from potential buyers was how beautifully our home was presented. How Jenny had staged our home appealed to EVERYONE!!

We know absolutely, we would not have had the success we did if we had not placed our trust in the professional hands of Jenny from “Charlestown Home Staging”. We are ever so grateful!! Bubbles for everyone!

Mrs Sue E., Charlestown, 11 November 2020.